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Frequently Asked Questions

When you book with K Photography, you're not just booking any old camera operators, You are getting a passionate team of hard-working creative and unique individuals that work well with each other and are always looking for new ways to tell a story the way you want!

K Photography, a team of experienced photographers & cinematographers who each bring their own unique style and vision to capture the story of your day exactly the way you imagined it. Superb, beautiful photographs and video that will last a lifetime are an investment. As a professional, with more than 15 years' experience and all the equipment a professional needs (and more), You can be certain that by investing in K photography for your media needs, your video/photograph and albums will last forever and will be treasured memories for you and your family in the years to come.

I have found a brilliant team who are just as passionate as I am, about filmmaking and my belief that we are here to tell a story of your happiness. 

We are based in East London, but are up for pretty much travelling anywhere! We will travel anywhere in the London which is free of charge. Weddings outside of the London may be subject to additional charges if an overnight stay is required. We are also happy to photograph/film abroad, which is subject to additional charges, please contact us for a quotation. Any additional travel costs will be confirmed at the time of booking. 

In the event of an illness (or some other circumstances) we have a team of Photographers and Video operators available for such scenarios. We also have other Photography/Video companies that we have a good relationship with are also available if more assistance is needed.

All standard package includes one main photographer/video operator, but we can arrange for additional secondary shooters if required.
Wedding photography package includes a *trainee assistant photographer offering two camera angles at all times! *Subject to availability of assistant. (Extra cost will be needed to grantee a trainee photographer on your event) 

We have a team of female Photographers in-house and found a brilliant team of female video operators creative and unique individuals that work well with each other.

Over the years I have worked with many photographers video operators on repeated occasions and there has never been a problem. If I have a set way I get certain shots I always speak to the photographer or video operator beforehand to make sure it will not get in the way of his/her shot and vice-versa. The reason we are there is to capture your wedding or event the best we can and that will only happen if the photographer and Video operators work together with this aim in mind. I'm happy to say over the years this has always been the case.

We aim to have your images uploaded to a personal web page link password protected area of our website within 4-6 weeks of your event, but at busy times of the year, this can take longer.
Ready for you to pick up your digital images:
All images supplied on CD/DVD for FREE also with all our wedding packages include a FREE personalised printed wooden USB flash drive in presentation (gift box).  

Wedding photography post production.
All our photos are taken on the raw format, using professional image editing software, all images are colour corrected and converted on JPEG format.
All images include editing options as:
Photo editing & cropping colour correction, white balance, exposure, brightness, and contrast adjustment.
Other available editing options:
Professional portrait editing, skin airbrushing, remove acne or wrinkles, whiten teeth, change eye colour, enhance lips retouch body, reshape, slim, get rid of tan lines and blemishes.
Photomontage & manipulation background removal and cut out, Beauty & fashion retouching service (Editing options available at an extra cost or see package for more details.)
You get to pick your favourite (see package for the quality of images) for professional re-touching! 

We normally suggest you choose between 60-80 pictures for the standard 30-page (15 leaves) album. However, if you need more images to complete the story, it may be advisable to increase the album page count, or to make a second album.
Your album will be ready in 3-6 weeks, but in most cases can be much sooner. Upon final approval of album design, the album artwork is sent to Italy where it is handcrafted and your album is sent to us first to give its final check before we give it to you. 

The price of the session covers the session fee, the photographer's skills, specialist editing time.
A CD/DVD or USB of ALL images (full resolution, print release INCLUDED), which means you can print them using an online printing service or have any lab print them for you. Copyright simply means we are the creator of the images, therefore we own the copyright, but you are free to print and share your photographs as you like.
Note: Client confidentiality is absolutely crucial to our business and should you wish to keep your wedding photographs private and have a non-disclosure agreement in place, then naturally we will be more than happy to accommodat

The online gallery is a personal web page to access all your images, and a private password protected section on our website so you can share with family, friends and download.
Images are copyright free, allowing you to share the photographs from your online gallery, as many times as you desire 

All images supplied on CD/DVD for FREE also with all our wedding packages include a FREE personalised printed wooden USB flash drive in presentation (gift box).
The digital images supplied on the CD/DVD will be high-resolution jpg that is viewable on most PC’s and Mac book and because each image can be quite a large file and this is one of the reasons why we have chosen CDs and DVDs.
Also please do keep in mind as many computers do not include disc drives so we are happy to provide all the images on a flash USB for an extra cost or you can provide us with a flash USB or hard drive and we will be happy to transfer all your images on your device

Yes, please do.
It's highly recommended you provide me with a list of shots you want on the day.
We want to make sure you get exactly what you want, but please do delegate a person on the day to pull people together as we do not know who everyone is or what they look like. Also, remember the more shots on your list the more time you will need to allow for them to be taken.
On the wedding day:
I urge my couples to account for 45-60 minutes of private bride and groom photos, and 40-50 minutes of family, friends and groups etc

We start as agreed and always request our photographer/video operator to stay for an extra 30mins from the agreed time then will be charged per hour. If your package includes unlimited coverage you can decide upon the coverage you wish and this is usually discussed beforehand during our meeting. 

My entire team has been blessed to have photographed many, many different types of weddings. I have documented Muslim, Sikhs, Christian, Hindu, South Asian, Punjabi and Gujarati ceremonies. If you are having a wedding that is not listed here I would absolutely love to learn all about the customs and events and do my best to capture these special moments.

Sadly our British weather does not always co-operate with us and no matter what time of year you get there is always a possibility of rain. However, it is always good to have a contingency plan as most venues provide a beautiful backdrop especially decorated for your special day and my team can take very creative shots whilst it is still raining.

Yes. It is standard practice for professional wedding photography & filming companies to ask clients to sign contracts. This is to protect both parties and clarify exactly what is expected from the clients and what will provide. The contract allows us to be well prepared so that every wedding film & photography is produced smoothly and professionally as possible. Feel free to contact us and we’ll send you a copy of our terms and conditions. 

All our films are different and take different amounts of time to produce. We would only deliver a wedding video if we are 100% happy with it and will give you a final preview before finalising on a DVD or Blu-ray which takes around 4-6 months from the date we receive the music list on average, but in most cases can be much sooner.

Of course! It's your film so if you have a favourite track then we will definitely use it. However, we will also choose some music tracks that we think will fit the film best. Often this might be instrumental music inspired by a recent film we have watched or from our collection. The aim is to make a film, not a pop video so as to fit our style and your taste, also note some tracks will not work, but we can discuss what music you are happy with prior to editing. 

We insist that we meet before booking to assure that both parties are on the same page. We want to make sure we answer any questions you are curious about, and that you are completely confident in our ability to make your day as extraordinary as it can be and more importantly, so we can find out a little bit about yourselves. We don’t want to be a stranger to you, we want to assure you are as comfortable as can be around us, after all, we will be part of your special day. 

sometimes we have discounted prices depending on our schedules and availability or if we have a last minute cancellation.

That question pretty much needs its own article, but keep in mind, the hours and cost involved with: Administration, enquiries, marketing, gear (cameras, tripods, lighting, and a bunch of special tools to help us get some amazing shots), gear maintenance, transport, meeting with clients, organising schedules, preparation (charging batteries, cleaning lenses, clearing cards), which is some of the wedding photography post production.
Downloading raw images and raw image processing (coveted to JPEG file) Photo editing & Cropping Colour correction, white balance, exposure, brightness, and contrast adjustment and more, this is what is included in wedding video post-production.
Filming, editing (downloading raw images/video footage, watching through, cutting down, working with chosen music, story-telling, colour-grading, touching up, exporting, uploading). Keeping in mind that typically around 30-40 hours will go into editing your wedding film! Wedding videography is a huge, detailed, and time-consuming process.

We are happy to cater for ourselves but, won't lie when working for long hours which can get pretty tiring. Caterers often do a ‘crew meal’ that they give the band, photographer etc or alternatively we can bring our own sandwiches and it is really appreciated if you can stretch some time for us to have a meal.
If you offer us food then we will graciously accept

Yes, they can, we just ask that they respect our presence. The only time we would prefer them not to be snapping away is when we are shooting your private bride and groom images as they can be a distraction..

Yes! We understand that budgets are not infinite and that it might not always be possible to commit funds to all the products that you might want. Product prices change, but we keep all the images backed up, so even if you decide to order a wedding album, canvas or professional prints etc, this will still be possible. 

We’ll start pre-wedding consultations leading up to the day. If included in your package or a date is arranged for the pre-wedding/engagement session. This is also an opportunity for us to get to know a bit more about you and more specificity what you would like on your day.

You can email at or call on 07930143496 to book a FREE Consultation and discuss your event. All consultations are completely free and you are under no obligation to make a booking. Why not book a chat to meet & discuss what you want, and at the same time see some of my work and stunning Italian Storybook Albums.
You'll need to pay 20% of the total price as a deposit to secure a date for your wedding. The remaining balance is due 28 days before the wedding.
We currently accept payments via bank transfer and cash.

A payment of 90% must be received in full before the date. But you can pay in instalments if you wish, all payments are documented and receipted so we all know the status of the payments and outstanding totals.

Cancellations must be made in writing and we will retain your deposit booking fee, If the photography or videography is cancelled by the client fewer than 8 weeks prior to the event both the deposit and the full payment are non-refundable. If the client cancels earlier than 8 weeks before the event, only the deposit is non-refundable. We strongly recommend you take out wedding insurance to cover any loss you could incur for cancelling or postponing your wedding due to unforeseen circumstances



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